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Who are The Uncommon Gentleman

It started with a Duke.

What happens, when a man is born to a title, money, given the finest education, but denied a life with the one person he loves above all else, because they of their social status? That is the dilemma my character David Thoroughgood, the Duke of Hollister finds himself in. Luckily he has a crew of good friends, who help him along the way, and have their own stories as well.

The Docter

Dr Reginald Bishop, or “Reggie” is quite happy as a country physician, thwarted in love once, when the woman he loves marries the Duke, he resolute moves on. When he finds himself as guardian to a titled nephew and niece after their parents die mysteriously, he is thrown off kilter. The children’s nanny, Jessica is there to help him raise the little ones, but someone is trying to frame her for the death of Reggies sister and her husband the Marquess. Reggie turns to his friends for help to save the woman he has grown to love.

The Captain

Captain Lucas Welch, has seen the worst that life has to offer. A war injury has him minus leaving behind the military career he loved and starting a new life as a brewer of fine ale-when he’s not acting as bodyguard to his friend the Duke. When he crosses paths for the second time with the one woman he’s never been able to forget, Lady Olivia Winfield, he leaves more than his heart behind this time.

The Detective

Detective Percival Darwin, has always eschewed his titled upbringing, and instead has devoted his life to rising in the ranks of London’s Metropolitan Police. But when new information comes his way regarding an unsolved case that has always haunted him, he knows he has to follow up because now his heart is involved with one of the crime’s greatest victims.

The Viscount,

He’s clever and witty, and flippant, but that can’t hide a heart that’s been broken, or his loyalty to his friends and family. He will do anything to take care of his mother and sisters, including stay married to a woman he hasn’t laid eyes on since the day after their wedding seven years earlier. When she suddenly reappears back in his life, they realize they have both become very different people in the ten years they’ve been apart, and with maturity, comes the realization that perhaps they are both ready to risk it all for love.

The Genius,

Lt Darius Welch has a remarkable mind for storing knowledge, and an aptitude for languages and mechanics. Despite his immense brain power, his skills with women are lacking. Having his heart bruised time and again by women who only see him as a friend, has left him feeling leery. Until he meets the one woman who loves him just as he is.

The Outcast

Baron Marcus Marbury has seen enough humiliation to last him a lifetime. One loveless marriage ending in tragedy has left people talking about him, and he has only himself to blame. There is one person who has stood by him through the worst of the scandal, his good friend Lady Alisa. Is it possible that she is the one he was meant to be with, all along?